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Paladin Core Rulebook - PDF

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Enter Medieval Europe Like You've Never Experienced It Before!

Set in medieval Europe, PALADIN weaves together the historical Carolingian events and the medieval epics of The Matter of France into a single chronology!

In PALADIN the players play young Frankish squires or knights in the service of one of Charlemagne's powerful vassals. By going on adventures, the characters will acquire glory and riches, becoming lords of their own lands, building castles, and founding their own family. 

Hopefully, the road to fame will lead to the ultimate goal: becoming one of the legendary paladins themselves!

PALADIN is a game for knights. It is based on the standards of knighthood found in the original literature about Charlemagne and the paladins (epics such as Song of Roland, Ogier the Dane, Aymon's Four Sons and more). 

PALADIN uses a modified version of the King Arthur Pendragon ruleset, adjusted to fit the themes and elements of Charlemagne's legends. 

This is a complete rulebook.

This product is broken down into two-parts:

  • Book 1: Character. How to create character and the rules needed to play the game.
  • Book 2: Setting. Details on Frankish Society, Frankland, and several adventurers.

What The Critics Say

UK Games Expo - 2020 Award Winner

  • "For playing in the age of Charlemagne, there is no more complete game than this one. The wealth of research, from the history of the years covered to the noble family lineage, is without peer."

    — UK Games Expo Awards, UKGE Best RPG Category.

  • "If you are a lover of history and of the chivalrous knights of Charlemagne then you will love Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne roleplaying game."

    — Rolling Boxcars, A look at Paladin - Warriors of Charlemagne.

  • "An absolutely outstanding book... Chaosium has done it again."

    — GMS Magazine, Youtube Review.

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