Nomad Gods Rule Booklet - PDF

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Map of Prax from Nomad Gods

Nomad Gods was first published in 1977. It was the follow-on game to White Bear & Red Moon. Set on the Plains of Prax, it is a 72 page booklet of wargame rules and background information related to the varied and colorful tribes of Prax including: The Bison Tribe, the Impala People, the High Llama Riders, the Sable Riders, and the Morokanth. Along with the rules for playing the basic and advanced games, with associated scenarios, there is a wealth information on Prax, its history, myths, magic, culture and people. Many of its details have been expanded with later publications, but this is where Prax was first detailed in incredible creative detail.

Major sections include:

  • Explanation of the pieces
  • Map overview
  • Time & Movement
  • Combat
  • Skirmish rules
  • 5 Major Tribes
  • Multi-player Game
  • Scenarios
  • Advanced Game
  • Herd descriptions
  • Khans
  • Tribal Deities
  • The Ten Independent Tribes
  • Advanced Scenarios
  • Magic Combat
  • Shamans
  • Spirits of the Air
  • Spirits of Darkness
  • Spirits of Earth
  • Other Spirits
  • Creatures of Chaos
  • Parts of the Devil
  • The Eternal Battle
  • Spirit Alliances
  • Advanced Scenarios
  • Pre-History
  • The Great Darkness
  • History

 This PDF of the Rulebook was created from a cleaned up scan of the original paper rulebook.

Note: This does not include the counters or the map, just the rule booklet. 

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