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Nephilim Roleplaying - PDF

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Science is an Illusion, History is a Lie

In ages past you lived many lives: your slaves built the Great Pyramid to honor your death; you died for the sins of Jerusalem; you lost your head suggesting they eat cake. You are Nephilim –- demi-god, prophet, saint, and magician from the mythic past.

Again you incarnate, to continue an ancient struggle for enlightenment and to stand against the plots of occult societies, who seek to enslave you and steal your essence.

We invite you to cross the threshold of fantasy in order to discover the hidden side of our everyday universe. Here you will discover the underlying reality which has been hidden for millennia, you will see behind the scenes and reveal the canvas under the paint. You will discover a twilight world where alchemists labor over their alchemical ovens, kabbalists obsessively trace their pentacles, and magicians struggle to decipher their grimoires for the hidden spells within. This world is concealed behind the respectable façade of wealthy neighborhoods, non-profit associations, flourishing businesses, and historical monuments -- which seem to be completely open to public scrutiny.

But this is a world of secrets. Secret societies wage unseen wars against the Nephilim and one another for control of the magic fields and, ultimately, for world mastey. From this world of mastery, magic, and the occult come your characters: the Nephilim.

The Nephilim character has a past as ancient as humankind, uses supernatural powers, and has lifetime goals incomprehensible to most humans. This character sees a mystical and magical vision of the world and possesses a rich and unsettling personality. This character is but a spirit and has, since the Deluge, lost its body and has been forced to inhabit human bodies during different periods of history. Perhaps your character has witnessed the founding of the first cities, participated in the sack of Troy, contributed to the fall of Rome, spied upon the crowning of Charlemagne, initiated Napoleon to the mysteries of the Carbonari, or whispered encouragement to Jack the Ripper.

Now, the Nephilim have woken up en masse, though they do not yet know why. Your character will be one of those who reawaken. It needs to rediscover the mastery of the five magical forces of which it is composed, for these determine its personality and physical body. A Nephilim is made of fire, air, water, earth, and moon. It has no body now, and your character will take possession of a human body it calls its Simulacrum. The Nephilim retains its own personality, remembers the skills that it has acquired during its previous incarnations, and learns how to use those of its Simulacrum.

Then begins the Metamorphosis. Every Nephilim has already lived through this many times in its past. During Metamorphosis the body of the Simulacrum changes to become the nonhuman which each Nephilim truly is. This change of the human body is just the beginning of the long quest which Nephilim have pursued for centuries: the quest for Agartha.

Agartha is the spiritual and physical fulfillment of the Nephilim. It corresponds to a lost state, where the Nephilim has no need of a body, and where it can directly manipulate the five magic forces. After attaining Agartha a Nephilim can even become a leader of one of the twenty-two tribes of Nephilim, which are called the Major Arcana. An Agarthan character possesses a tremendous sum of occult knowledge and holds the most important secrets of our world.

But before it reaches this magnificent state of accomplishment, a Nephilim must undertake many difficult tasks. It has to acquire occult knowledge. It has to uncover great secrets. It has to accustom itself to our strange world, and rediscover the old volumes that are stacked away, lost in museums, within whose bounds are consigned the real spells. It has to undo the plans built by secret societies, which seek to destroy the Nephilim or to take over the world. It needs to find companions, locate its old tribe, and compute the new astrological conjunctions. It must abandon itself to the techniques of magic, and most of all increase its knowledge and skills in the occult before it can reach Agartha.

It will live through what humans vulgarly call adventures.

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A Nephilim product.

Occult roleplaying across the ages.

Year Released:
1st Edition Nephilim
Black & White PDF Scan
Page Count:
Fabrice Lamidey, Sam Shirley, Greg Stafford, Frederic Weil
Cover Artist(s):
Frank Achard, Jean Bey, Charlie Krank
Frank Achard, Jean Bey, John Bridges, Darrell Midgette