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Land of Giants - PDF

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Scandinavia and the Beowulf Saga in the Time of King Arthur

Explore the lands of Scandinavia in the time of Beowulf and King Arthur.

While Arthur sat upon the throne of Britain, Beowulf drank mead in the halls of Hrothgar and battled Grendel for the glory and honor of his king.

Land of Giants is a supplement for the Pendragon roleplaying system, describing Scandinavian kingdoms as they existed in the time of King Arthur. This book features notes on generating Northman characters, a survey of Northman customs and religion, a map and guide to the region and new adventures.

Gamemasters can use the Scandinavian kingdoms as a place of adventure for their Arthurian player knights, or play the Thanes and Jaris in a purely Northman campaign outside the influence of Arthur's rule.

Designed for King Arthur Pendragon 4th Edition but can be adapted to other editions easily.

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4th Edition Pendragon
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Black & White PDF Scan
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Chris Hind, Christer Edling, Robert Andersson
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Stephen King
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Elise Fowler, Jared Osterhold
Chris Hind, Judy Routt