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HeroQuest Gateway License


The HeroQuest Gateway License is a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free, worldwide license to enable game designers to use Moon Design Publications’ HeroQuest rules engine for their game settings, whether it be science fiction, high fantasy, horror, westerns, martial arts, or anything else (apart from Glorantha).

Just follow the steps listed below:

  1. Read the HeroQuest Gateway License Agreement.
  2. If you agree to the terms, mail us a signed copy of the HeroQuest Gateway Statement of Acceptance. Attach a short description of what you propose to publish.
  3. We’ll email you when we get your Statement of Acceptance. Assuming we have no further questions, you license will become automatically effective fourteen days later. Congratulation! You are in business.
  4. You need to comply with the terms of the HeroQuest Gateway License, which means – among other things – you will need to put the HQ Gateway logo (download the image above) on the back cover and on the page with all the legalese. Read the whole agreement, since you have to carefully follow the provisions of the licensing agreement (don’t worry it is only six pages long).
  5. Finally, when you publish your product, you will need to send us three print copies and one electronic copy.

There are two explicit caveats to this license:

  1. No permission is granted under the HeroQuest Gateway License to publish any Gloranthan material.
  2. You shall not use anyone else’s intellectual property without their permission.

Changes of Policy

The terms of the HeroQuest Gateway License may change from time to time at the sole discretion of Chaosium Inc. We will advise our Gateway Licensees by email of any changes, but it is your obligation to keep up to date with the Policy.

We thank you for your interest in becoming a HeroQuest Gateway licensee. With hard work, creativity, and attention to detail, together we can create tales of adventures which thousands of game players will appreciate for years to come!