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Griffin Mountain - PDF

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The perennial favorite returns, fully remastered!

After years trapped in a dark dungeon, and thanks to the support of loyal RuneQuest fans, we are able to release Griffin Mountain into the wilds again!

The Book

Griffin Mountain details an area 800 kilometers wide. Elder Wilds is where non-humans live and high adventures thrive. Balazar is a wild frontier where anything can happen.

This book contains extensive notes on the area's geography, history, and inhabitants.

Meet King Yalaring Monsterslayer who became king of the citadel of Trilus by right of conquest. Visit picturesque Elkoi, built by giants. Trade with Joh Mith, a fat, jovial caravan master with high bargaining skills. Gamble with Hen Cik, one of the caretakers of a legendary caste in Giant Land. Cross the dangerous River of the Damned (full river crossing rules inside). Quest for the powerful windberries, rumored to be found on Griffin Mountain itself. Beware of the ever-present baboons, bears, dragonewts, wild hawks, trolls...

Get your adventurers ready for a glorious time in Griffin Mountain!

Running Griffin Mountain

This book is designed for use with the fantasy role-playing game system RuneQuest. It is recommended that the referee owns and is familiar with Cults of Prax.

The authors and publishers of this book take no responsibility for inexperienced characters that may get trashed by these scenarios; nor do we accept responsibility for any referees who may get trashed by the players thereof. Seriously, these adventures are designed to provide a challenge to mixed level characters including Rune Masters. Even then, the going might be a little tough.


The Elkoi map image on this page is not to be re-used without specific written permission.

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Map of Griffin Mountain
Map of the Elder Wilds

What The Critics Say

  • "One of the best RPG products ever produced for any game… a true masterpiece of the early days of gaming. It's a great example of a sandbox, filled with people, places, and adventure hooks to keep a party of characters busy for innumerable nights of adventure."

    — Grognardia, Griffin Mountain Retrospective.


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RuneQuest 2nd Edition
Year Released:
1981, 2018
Black & White PDF
Page Count:
Rudy Kraft, Jennell Jaquays, Greg Stafford
Cover Artist:
Jennell Jaquays
Interior Artist(s):
Jennell Jaquays
Jenelle Jaquays, Charlie Krank