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Gateways to Terror

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Chaosium Unveiled: Inside Gateways to Terror

Watch the unveiling video to see the book for yourself. Remember that you get the PDF when getting the physical copy.

The Necropolis

What ancient horrors lie slumbering in a newly discovered tomb deep in Egypt's Valley of the Kings? Are you allowing local superstitions and the unfortunate events surrounding the opening of Tutankhamen's tomb to play on your mind as you wait to step down into the darkness…

Canopic Jar

What’s in the Cellar?

Did a respected businessman really commit the bloody murder of his beloved wife in the cellar of the family's ancestral holiday cabin? While the body has never been found, it seems like the criminal has been caught. Is a terrible injustice about to be served? Just what happened in that cellar?

Cellar Dig

The Dead Boarder

And, what has happened to that nice, quiet neighbor of yours? You’ve not seen hide nor hair of him in days! He wasn’t always the friendliest of sorts, but he did seem very pious, what with all the late-night prayers coming from his room…


Gateways to Terror contains three short-play scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition roleplaying game, ideal for beginning and experienced players and Keepers alike. Originally, all three—The Necropolis, What's in the Cellar? and The Dead Boarder—were designed as demonstration games to give a taste of the game's core motifs—mystery, investigation, and horror—for those with limited time. The scenarios can be played in as little as one hour but can be expanded for slightly longer play, and each comes with four ready-made investigators so you can jump right into the action! Each scenario includes hints and tips for Keepers new and old, suggestions for additional investigators for larger groups, and a summary of the key rules needed to play.

Suitable for use with the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set and the Call of Cthulhu: Keeper Rulebook. Gateways to Terror provides your next steps into the strange and mystifying worlds of Call of Cthulhu.

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What The Critics Say

  • "A wonderful introductory product for getting new Keepers and players into the game"

    — RPG Imagings Call Of Cthulhu Gateways To Terror Unboxing and Overview (YouTube).

  • "Short, Sharp Cthulhu: Gateways to Terror delivers three, short doses of horror and does so in an engaging, well designed, and multi-functional fashion."

    — Reviews from R’lyeh Short, Sharp, Cthulhu.

  • "If you are in the business of introducing Call of Cthulhu to new players, I would say that Gateways To Terror is one of the better tools you can have in conjunction with the Starter Set."

    — Refereeing and Reflection Chaosium's Slim Scenario Sets.

  • "Now, if you really want a set of adventures geared towards beginners, Gateways to Terror has you covered. Within are three single location investigations designed to run between one and two hours: pure introductions to the game... Each is short and sweet, with no BS, sticking firmly to the investigate/confront formula. They’re all pretty satisfying too. All killer, no filler, as they say."

    — Vintage RPG, Gateways to Terror Reviewed.

  • "'The Dead Boarder' is designed for beginner Keepers and players, full of plenty of direction and advice... and its conciseness makes it the easiest to slip into a constrained timeframe – well recommended"

    — MJRRPG, The Dead Boarder Review – Call of Cthulhu (Gateways to Terror).

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Year Released:
7th Edition Call of Cthulhu
Full Color Softcover
Page Count:
Leigh Carr, Jon Hook, Todd Gardiner
Cover Artist:
Mariusz Gandzel
Interior Artist:
Chris Huth
Matt Ryan
Nicholas Nacario
  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star 5
    Great product

    Posted by Jim on 8th Mar 2021

    Great content and print quality, as usual from Chaosium!

  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star 5
    Great Collection of One-Shot Scenarios

    Posted by Matthew A. on 30th May 2020

    I bought this collection of three short scenarios to run at virtual conventions this year due to the ongoing pandemic. I was able to run two of three scenarios and stretch each of them to almost four hours with a group of five investigators. There is a good deal of depth and role-playing opportunity in each of these three scenarios intended to introduce new players to Call of Cthulhu, or just for players who want a short game.

  • Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star 5
    Short but great scenarios

    Posted by Philip Lynch on 9th Apr 2020

    Three short but excellent scenarios. Great for new players to get a feel for the game. These are also perfect for trying out playing online with Roll20 etc. which a lot of people are doing at the moment.