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Church of the Prophets - PDF

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Theus forgive us our trespasses…

“Without faith, we are as beasts in the field… feral, lost, and alone.”

– Cardinal Teodoro Ciosa

Sixteen hundred years ago, a man stood before the Senators of Numa and told them of a new faith. Thirteen hundred years ago, a second man preached a testament of that faith on the threshold of the Crescent Empire. Seven hundred years later, a third man called upon Théans to make war in the name of righteousness; to save themselves from Legion’s Flame. These were the Prophets of Theus, the servants of Théah’s God. From their words, the Vaticine Church of the Prophets was born. The Church has guided nations, been a bastion of religions belief, and safeguarded the souls of millions. Yet it has also spawned numerous rivals, crushed heresy with an iron fist, and caused cataclysmic wars. The faith of Theus grows, and through strength of will, the Vaticine Church prospers. Today, it awaits the coming of the Fourth Prophet – and its servants turn patient eyes toward an uncertain future.

Church of the Prophets includes:

  • A history of the Vaticine, including new details on the first three Prophets.
  • Expanded coverage of the dreaded Inquisition: their history, their organization, and the sinister abilities they use to eradicate heresy.
  • Complete details on the organization, methodology, and beliefs of the Church of the Prophets.
  • Thorough coverage of the Vaticine’s biggest rivals: Objectionism, the Church of Avalon, and Ussuran Orthodoxy.
  • New rules, skills, backgrounds, and expanded details for the Faith Advantage.
  • Tips on playing members of the clergy, and ideas for integrating priest Heroes into a 7th Sea campaign.
  • Coverage of Théah’s most important religious leaders, including all nine Vaticine Cardinals, the Archbishop of Avalon, and a fearsome member of the Knight Inquisitors.


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Rule Set:
1st Edition 7th Sea
Year Released:
Black & White PDF
Page Count:
Les Simpson, Marshall Smith
Cover Artist:
Carl Frank
Interior Artists:
Cris Dornaus, Dærick W. Gröss, A. Bleys Ingram, Dan Smith