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Unnatural Selections #30 - Six Ages reviews

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 20th Nov 2019

SIX AGES: RIDE LIKE THE WIND, the 'spiritual successor' to King of Dragon Pass, was recently released on Windows and Mac. Here are some new reviews of the Windows and Mac versions that we like:

88/100 - "This charming sequel doesn't need flashy new innovations to craft an engrossing adventure... I'm just glad to be back in Glorantha again."—PC Gamer (reviewed on PC)

"I loved every minute of it."—Rock Paper Shotgun.

91/100 - "Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is the ideal implementation of its predecessor's unique gameplay in modern times. Some might just call it 'King of Dragon Pass +1' ... but what's wrong with that?"— (in Greek).

"With a refreshing combination of story, mythology, and strategy, Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is more than a worthy successor to King of Dragon Pass; the game will have something in store for newbies and King of Dragon Pass veterans alike."—Check Point Gaming

"Colorful and lively. Moody and often surprising. Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is sure to delight anyone who steps into its world."—

86/100 - "Unique and highly enjoyable... by committing to the wonderful setting, Six Ages has more to say than a dozen fantasy RPGs"—Cog Connected.