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Listen to our Call of Cthulhu series Bookshops of Arkham on Spotify

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 16th Jun 2024

Bookshops of Arkham on Spotify

In January 2023, Bookshops of Arkham, our blockbuster Call of Cthulhu Actual Play, wowed audiences with its breath-taking performances, walk on NPCs, and succinct and horrific storytelling. Since then this ENNIE-nominated series has been available for your viewing pleasure on Chaosium's YouTube channel. And now it comes to Spotify in podcast format!

Starring Mark Meer as Keeper of Arcane Lore, and Patrick Logan, Lucia Versprille, Carlos Luna, and Saige Ryan as the investigators.

Graveyards of Arkham

And don't miss Graveyards of Arkham, the next series in our anthology of Call of Cthulhu blockbuster Actual Plays. Available on YouTube and Spotify too!

Bookshops of Arkham's extraordinary success prompted us to produce Graveyards of Arkham. Note that as an anthology series, Graveyards of Arkham is not a direct sequel to Bookshops. This means you can watch or listen to Graveyards or Bookshops as a stand-alone series without fear of missing important plot devices or character development from the other series.