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Journey to Jonstown #60: Explore Furthest, the Crown Jewel of Lunar Tarsh!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 29th Aug 2023

Furthest - Crown Jewel of Lunar Tarsh

Simon Bray's evocative artwork is familiar to RuneQuest, HeroQuest and Glorantha fans, appearing in such works as the Guide to Glorantha and Glorantha Sourcebook, and stretching all the way back through the Moon Design Publications era to that of the Reaching Moon Megacorp's fabled fanzine Tales of the Reaching Moon

And now Simon is back at the helm of a cherished project based on many years of creative endeavour: Furthest - Crown Jewel of Lunar Tarsh. This is an invaluable resource for any RuneQuest campaign that features the mightiest kingdom of Dragon Pass, whether as a homeland for adventurers or a home base for adventure! As one reviewer has said, this book is "a must-buy, must-read, and even more a must-play! Thoroughly researched, splendidly illustrated, always designed for playability (look at the sewer map for instance! And the indices, both general and thematic), this is in my mind the very embodiment of the fan-driven Glorantha I like."

Furthest - Crown Jewel of Lunar Tarsh
Simon Bray, Nick Brooke, Mark Galeotti, Michael O’Brien, Chris Gidlow ($19.95, 158 page PDF)

The City of Furthest is celebrated as the glory of the Lunar Provinces. One native poet described the city as “a reflection of Glamour in bricks and mortar, not moonlight and dreams.” And here it is brought to riotous life for use in any RuneQuest campaign set in the fateful Eighth Wane of History!

Includes a full gazetteer of the city of Furthest, capital city of Tarsh. There is a comprehensive guide to Tarsh, including minor cults, a bestiary, histories and maps. Many plot hooks, major NPCs and a full scenario are included. And maps - so many maps - a huge detailed map of the city, a map of the lands of Tarsh and even the sewers! Also includes a Jaxarte story by Michael O'Brien, a song by Nick Brooke, and art by an amazing team of artists – Mike O'Connor, Patricia Baker, Juha Harju, Dario Corallo, Markku Silvennoinen and Philip McDonnell.

What's more, over on Redbubble you can get splendid maps of the City of Furthest and of the Kingdom of Tarsh!

What is the Jonstown Compendium?

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