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Unnatural Selections #84: Chaosium Con in Ann Arbor was a hit with attendees

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 27th Apr 2024

Chaosium Con

The 'Unnatural Selections' series is our regular round up of notable Chaosium reviews worth a look.

Last weekend's Chaosium Con in Arbor MI was by all accounts a great success — here's some write-ups by attendees.

"At Chaosium Con, community content creators thrive. It’s a wonderful place to build connections and relationships. You can easily meet talented editors, writers, and artists, as well as podcasters, bloggers, reviewers, and streamers. Whether amateur or professional, these folks bring passion, joy, and a collaborative spirit to their work... It was a long and glorious weekend. I’m really looking forward to the next one and all the incredible people." — Keeper Doc, Prospero House Publishing.

"This was my first ever in person convention, and I think the size was perfect. Not massive, but not small either, and with a scope that makes sure almost everyone has something in common with everyone else. I fully plan to attend next year assuming the airfare and my pocketbook continue to vaguely align." — MJRRPG.

"Another solid, horrific jaunt through the wilds of the Ypsilanti Eagle Crest Hotel." — Bucho Rodenberger.

Chaosium Con 2024 was less of a gaming convention and more of a family reunion. Last year, I was scrambling to meet everyone, put faces to Discord names, and to get the courage to talk to the higher ups at Chaosium (I’m still getting razzed for unintentionally not knowing what Mike Mason looked like when I was casually noodling an idea to the kind gentleman who had an encyclopaedic knowledge of things it would seem). It was high energy, chaotic, and an experience that I’ll never forget. This year, when I walked in, it didn’t feel like a confusing place. It felt welcoming. I immediately scanned the lobby for anyone I knew. It wasn’t “Oh is this person here for the con or just a golfer?” — Matt 'Doc' Tracey.

J-M of Iconic Productions had "an amazing time":

"If you haven’t before, this would be a great con to run a game at, there is clearly a demand and lots of fun (and forgiving) players... thanks to Chaosium and all their ultra hardworking staff, particularly Bridgett Jeffries, for pulling off another great con! We’ll see everyone next year." — Bayt al Azif Magazine (nb they shared a booth in the Vendor Hall with other Chaosium licensees: Stygian Fox Publishing, Squamous Studios, Sentinel Hill Press, Sons of the Singularity, Sixtystone Press, and Geekach Games from Ukraine. Also represented in the Vendor Hall were New Comet Games, the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, Pacesetter Games, Petersen Games, and Black Oak Workshop. A thriving community of creators and sales were brisk!)

"I love this Con... If, in reading about my experience with the Con, you are moved to want to attend next year's, I thoroughly encourage you to do that." — Evan Perlman, Colossal Stories.

"Frankly, I’m itching for 2025 already." — Tatterdemalion Fox.

And Luke Gygax says he had a fantastic experience at Chaosium Con:

Chaosium Con in Ann Arbor is over for another year... but coming up in June is Chaosium Con Australia! 

Chaosium Con Australia

Chaosium Con Australia takes place on June (8-9) - get your tickets now, and join us in Melbourne, Australia for an epic weekend parts mythic, epic, heroic and horrific! International guests are Mike Mason, Andrew Logan Montgomery, and Bridgett Jeffries!