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Tournament of Dreams - PDF

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Challenges for Sword and Virtue!

Here are the arms of the kings, nobles, and knights which you will encounter in the challenges of the Tournament of Dreams and the Circle of Gold.

• King Belinans, proud ruler of Sugales, proclaimes a royal tournament! The knights of Sugales stand ready to prove that their courage and skill at arms are the greatest in Britain. Who will test this challenge and uphold the honor of other kingdoms? Elidia the Fair, Belinans' lovely queen, ecourages all who are valorous to journey to Castle Rhun, in the heart of the fog-shrouded Cambrian Mountains, where they will have the chance to show their knightly virtue and strength before the royal court. Perhaps Queen Elidia, famed for her skill and grace at the dance, will honor visitors with a performance.

• The King of the Circle of Gold presents a challenge. Can anyone meet the knights who guard the way into his mysterious land and defeat each one in chivalrous combat? The path is difficult for all but the most worthy. The great prize of the Circle of Gold awaits at the end of the quest. All who attempt the adventure will be courteously feted at the tents and castles of the guardian knights.

Prowess and Chivalry Triumph!

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Les Brooks, Sam Shirley, Greg Stafford
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Steve Purcell
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Caroline Schultz