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The Montaigne Revolution - PDF

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“Death to l’Empereur!”

For too long, the peasants of Montaigne have suffered under the decadent oppression of the nobility. In a wave of righteous fury, they rise up against their corpulent Empereur, destroyinghis order in the blink of an eye. Porté blood runs red in the street as the most powerful nation in the world turns upside down. But what sort of leaders can replace a deposed tyrant? And will their order be any better than the old?

In the depths of the Mirror, an ancient island rises, heralding the beginning of a new age of discovery. The Explorers’ Society launches a bold new movement into the western seas, convinced that strange lands lie beyond the setting sun. They are soon joined by a host of sailors and scoundrels, minions of Théan crowns, and pirates searching for prey. But what sort of dangers await them all across the horizon? And what unknown threats will their efforts unleash?

In the halls of Vodacce, the Great Game enters a deadly new phase, while the Iron Princes of Eisen launch plots for power and strength. Vendel and Vestenmannavnjar continue their growing feud as hidden secret societies struggle to react to history in the making. From the forests of Avalon to the steppes of Ussura, Théah moves forward and fate’s hand strikes the innocent and guilty alike.

Welcome to the New Age.

The Montaigne Revolution includes:

  • A detailed update of Théah’s turbulent recent history, from the rise of Cabora to the fall of
  • l’Empereur. Campaign guidelines are included to place your Heroes in the middle of the action.
  • New information on all of Théah’s nations and the changes wrought in the past year.
  • Revised stats and backgrounds for the most important NPCs.
  • Complete details on a new secret society, the Rye Grin, and their daring efforts to rescue
  • the innocent victims of the Revolution.
  • A host of adventure hooks, GM’s secrets, and more

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Rule Set:
1st Edition 7th Sea
Year Released:
Black & White PDF
Page Count:
Dana DeVries, Peter Flanagan, BD Flory, Les Simpson, Eric Stieger, Rob Vaux, Kevin Wilson
Cover Artist:
Carl Frank
Interior Artists:
Cris Dornaus, Carl Frank, Dærick W. Gröss A. ,Bleys Ingram