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Tales of the Spectre Kings - PDF

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Saxon Vengeance Rides By Night!

"There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, and it lies heavy upon men... I speak of the Spectre King."

-Abbot Whiterood, The Adventure of the Spectre King

The latest "Tales of..." adventure book for the King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying system plunges the players into supernatural mystery and facing the legendary foes of Britain including spectres, ghosts, werewolves and a great horned boar. The supplement contains six adventures of uncanny danger and high adventure, and a close-up of the scholar's town of Cambridge. There can be found savants and sages to aid player-knights facing foes and problems not of this world.

Tales of the Spectre Kings reprints material from the original 1991 Chaosium adventure supplement, The Spectre King, plus new Game Master and Player material and a new adventure (Adventure of the White Horror) in the same format as Tales of Mystic Tournaments.


  • The Adventure of the Spectre King
  • The Adventure of the Werewolf
  • The Adventure of the Ghost Knight
  • Cambridge
  • Attending College
  • The Adventure of the Helmed Knight
  • The Adventure of the Horned Boar
  • The Adventure of the White Horror

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Green Knight Publications
Year Released:
4th Edition Pendragon
Black & White PDF Scan
Page Count:
Martin Bourne, Peter Corless, Mike Dawson, Garry Faye, Mike Manolakes, Sam Shirley
Cover Artist:
Richard Pace