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Secret Societies of Theah: Book Two - Rilasciare - PDF

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The Free Thinkers

"Some men may stand higher than others...
but that doesn't mean I have to like it."

- Hans Uppmann

In the shadows of Theah lurks a strange and unique conspiracy - men and women who refuse to accept the status quo, who challenge authority in all its forms, and who fight to free humanity from its self-imposed limitations. Whether with pamphlets on the street or bombs beneath buildings, the Rilasciare battles for a golden future only it can see. Some call them heroes. Others believe they should be hunted down like animals. But their hidden crusade has rocked Theah to its very core. They will throw the light of truth on the closed minds of their fello man... by any means necessary.

Rilasciare; The Free Thinkers includes:

  • A detailed history of one of Theah's most unusual organizations, from the streets of the Old Empire to teh darkest corners of modern Theah.
  • Information on the Free Thinkers' various factions - scholars, witch hunters and bomb-throwers - as well as their secretive means of communication.
  • Expanded rules for creating Rilasciare Heroes, including new Advantages, expanded explosives rules, and the dreaded Zerstorung Sorcery school.


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1st Edition 7th Sea
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Rob Vaux
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Cris Dornaus
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Carl Frank, Scott James, Liz Danforth, Rob Hinds, Dan Smith