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Secret Societies of Theah: Book Five - Los Vagos - PDF

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Live For Castille…

The nation bleeds from countless wounds. Ruthless foreigners march across her soil, a terrifying Inquisition drags innocent citizens from their homes, and a boy king struggles to defend himself from secret enemies. In these dark times, the people call for a champion — and El Vago answers.

…Bleed For Her People…

He appears in the dead of night like an avenging angel of Theus. He hides his identity behind flashing swordplay and a white leather mask. He rides through the countryside with the sound of thunder, protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Every Montaigne soldier fears his name, every hateful Inquisitor whispers curses at his shadow. He is everywhere and nowhere —the soul of Castille brought to life. He is the Vagabond.

…Die in Their Name.

In a few short years, El Vago has become the defender of an entire nation. His deeds are legend; his actions give the citizens reason to hope. But what sort of man lies behind that grinning white mask? And what sort of Heroes would pledge their lives to his cause?

Los Vagos includes:

  • A comprehensive history of the Vagabond’s organization, from the promise which began it to the numerous cabals which risk everything in his name.
  • New Swordsman Schools unique to the organization, new skills and advantages, and rules for integrating your Heroes into Los Vagos — including a complete mini-campaign!
  • Stats and descriptions for the heroes who ride alongside El Vago, as well as the villains who would stop at nothing to bring him down.
  • For the first time, the secret of El Vago’s identity.

A copy of the Castille sourcebook is recommended for use with this product.

Los Vagos - Sailing

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Rule Set:
1st Edition 7th Sea
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Black & White PDF
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Nancy Berman, Noah Dudley
Cover Artist:
Cris Dornaus, Brendon Goodyear
Interior Artists:
Carl Frank, Cris Dornaus, Edward James Krings, Dan Moenster