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Pendragon RPG

Pendragon is Greg Stafford's award-winning Arthurian roleplaying game. As players you take on the role of knights following the chivalric code. It introduced traits and passions that reward players acting as virtuous knights as they compete for glory. Known for its innovative game design, King Arthur Pendragon integrates seasonal adventures where players are able to experience running not only a knight, but later, their children in long epic campaigns.

"King Arthur has provided me with tremendous satisfaction and entertainment for many years. Now, I seek to share Arthur's work with you. Enter into the magic realm. Let those dreams within you stir, come to life, and be tested."

- Greg Stafford

Pendragon Starter Set Box - Front Cover showing a knights charging

Experience the Starter Set

A new starter set kicks of the 6th Edition of the Pendragon RPG.

The release of the starter set is the perfect way to get into Pendragon. From a solo adventure to an introductory campaign it brings you right into the Arthur's Britain.

Get the Pendragon Starter Set here

You can enjoy Arthurian-style campaigns with Pendragon, Paladin, or Prince Valiant.