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Customer Service & Support

Thank you for contacting Chaosium customer service. We are happy to help you with your questions and make sure you get the products you ordered as soon as possible. If you have more specific questions, please look at the other contact options here

Shipping Delay Update

The postal service and other shipping methods continue to struggle thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic which has reduced staff levels at the same time as increasing the volume mail shipments. For European customers, the delays are made worse by the tightening of border controls as countries try to get the pandemic under control. 

Shipments through the UK/EU border are even more challenged and we have made the difficult decision to temporarily disable shipping in and out of the UK. We are still sending freight orders between our UK and EU warehouses, but they too are extremely delayed. This will get better once the new customs requirements are better understood and supported by shipped companies and the governments.

As a result, shipments that may have arrived within a week are taking upwards of three weeks. Sadly, we have no control of this. Even the Great Old Ones must bow to the power of the COVID virus.

Customer Service Hours

General customer service hours for Chaosium are from 8AM - 4PM US Central Time (GMT+6) Monday to Friday. We respect standard US Holidays. We may reply to you on weekends, but standard support is not available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check below to see if the following FAQ answers can help you before you contact us at customer support. Hopefully you don't have to wait until we return your email if you can get your answer here. If they don't answer your question, use the form below as we will be glad to help.

My order is "Completed" but I haven't received it yet

Once your order has been shipped by one of our five warehouses it is flagged as Completed. This simply means the website can no longer track the progress of the shipment. “Completed” does not mean your order has been delivered to you. Most of our orders have tracking numbers assigned to them once they are flagged as Completed. So you can easily look up when your package is due to arrive.  The exception being Print on Demand (PoD) books being shipped directly from Lulu.

What does it mean that my order cannot ship to my address?

We have five warehouses across the planet. Some of those warehouses have items in stock the rest do not have anymore. If you try to order an item your closest available warehouse cannot provide you odds are pretty good you will see this error. To see which warehouses an individual items is available from navigate around all the Exciting Buy it Now buttons to the product detail page. Here you can see just which warehouses have the item in stock.

The image below shows the warehouse options for one of our products. You can see the four flags that relate to the warehouses we can ship it from. In this example we do not have stock in Australia. Please check this shipping information before you try to place an order. For more details on our global shipping you can go here.

Sample product shipping image

Can I combine coupons to save on shipping?

Yes you can! Our Webstore cannot accept more than one coupon per order unfortunately. Rumor has it they will fix that someday. In the meantime however we have an open indentation to combine coupons for you so that you can save a couple fo bucks on shipping. Simply email us your coupon codes, or your order numbers, and we’ll be happy to create a unique coupon for you.

My Tracking Numbers Doesn't Work - European Shipments

For some EU countries (Austria,Belgium,France,Germany,Italy,Netherlands,Spain) we work directly with local shipping companies. Your tracking will become active once your package arrives in bulk from our warehouse in Poland to the local hub in your country. Usually it takes 2-5 days after shipping confirmation.

For more details for tracking Europe packages go here.

I got a notice from local shipping company that my address on a label is illegible/wrong/missing, but they say I am not allowed to change it. What shall I do?

Some freight companies allows such changes to be made by a sender only. Please email us and provide the full address, so we may contact them and fix it.

My package got returned to your warehouse, but I did not receive any notification from local shipping company. What shall I do?

In such case they should leave you a notice or call you, but sometime they don't or it got lost. We are sorry for that. Please email us and we will arrange a new delivery for you.

My Print-on-Demand (POD) was shipped but no tracking number

Unfortunately we do not always get tracking information from Lulu, our print-on-demand partner. If we get it, we automatically send you an email. Lulu orders suffer from the same COVID challenges as all shipmenets, but you should get your order within 10 days. After that, please contact us.

How do I get a PDF for a product I did not purchase at

There are two ways to qualify for free PDFs of your Chaosium book purchases directly from us and one way to qualify through the Bits & Mortar program.

Purchases of physical books from our website, automatically come with a free copy of the PDF as well. There are a couple of exceptions for items that do not have PDF or eBook variants, but as a rule if you purchase from our website you get the files for free as well.

If you purchase a book directly from us at a convention we are attending then your purchase also qualifies for a free copy of the PDF/eBook. In this case the receipt you were sent will include instructions as to how to access the files.

Finally, we also participate in the Bits & Mortar program. This free world-wide program allows your local shop to email you the PDFs of any Chaosium books you purchase from them. In this case, we are not directly involved in the transaction other than to make the electronic files available through the program.

You can find out if your local shop participates in the Bits & Mortar program here

If your local shop does not yet participate, they can join at anytime for free. It willingly take them a couple of moments. They can then retroactively give you access to the files of any Chaosium book you have purchased from them in the past. The shop staff can have the files emailed to you. Please encourage your local shop to join!

We do not provide free PDFs for purchases from, online discounters, or in exchange of scanned receipts of pictures of your purchases unfortunately.

How can I view a PDF without the background images?

Our PDFs are produced with different layers. You can hide certain layers to get a more responsive PDF, specifically for a mobile like an iPad.

You can access the guide here.

Question not Answered?

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