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Unnatural Selections: Recent Chaosium Reviews of Note #4

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 2nd May 2018

Fantasy Faction LogoSomething a bit different today: reviews of reviewers, on YouTube! 

The fantasy news and reviews website Fantasy-Faction has recently posted an excellent overview of RPG and board game reviewers on YouTube. 

Three great channels that regularly—if not almost exclusively—talk about Chaosium games (Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest) are highlighted:


Game Geeks RPG is hosted by Kurt Wiegel, "a scientist and a grandmaster of gaming... Call of Cthulhu also gets plenty of love on this channel, with tons of adventure reviews."


Seth Skorkowsky's speciality is "examining adventures published for Call of Cthulhu and its relatives... In addition to all the adventure reviews/advice sessions, Seth is currently doing a series of videos about the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game in general... If you’re new to running Cthulhu Mythos games, you need to watch this channel. If you’re an experienced Cthulhu GM and just want some new ideas, you need to watch this channel."


Bud's RPG Review: "If RuneQuest is your jam then Bud is your man."

Kurt Wiegel's Game Geeks RPG, Seth Skorkowsky's channel, and Bud's RPG Review are all highly recommended by Fantasy-Faction, and by us too!