Unnatural Selections #30 - Call of Cthulhu the Official Video Game is now out on Nintendo Switch and here are some reviews we like

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 16th Oct 2019

Call of Cthulhu the Official Video Game was released on October 8th for Nintendo Switch!

Here are some new reviews we like for the Switch version:

5/5. "Call of Cthulhu is an intense story-driven psychological thriller experience that keeps your heart racing, also keeping you on your toes as you carefully pick what to say and to who, definitely worth getting for Nintendo Switch as its an unforgettable game you will want to play over and over."—Northern Gamer.

"I was reminded of why I love Lovecraft’s work while getting to experience a great mystery. It kept me guessing the entire time I played it, which was worth it once I got to the end. If you love original source material or a good mystery, this is the game for you."—But Why Tho?.

9.5/10. "Very immersive and with a great level of enjoyment... Definitely, a title that you must have in your personal game selection, and that you must experience 100% on your own, without guides, with the light off and with headphones. As simple as that."—nintendo.pe.

"Incredibly fun and compelling."—Nintendojo.

8.5/10. "The game gripped me from beginning to end and it’s the most uncomfortable I’ve been playing a game on the Switch so far. It’s a superb detective game with elements of gothic and cosmic horror that you can’t help but keep playing."—GamePitt.

"A gripping journey."—Gamespew.

8/10. "The guys from Cyanide Studios really knew how to capture the essence of Lovecraft's work and especially at the end I was completely drawn into the game."—boobsandbullets.com.

"If you're in the mood for something slow and scary, Call of Cthulhu will really make you feel like you've walked into the twisted mind of H.P. Lovecraft."—commonsensemedia.org.

8/10. "Well written, good voice acting; Environments are gorgeous and spooky...I can safely recommend this game to any fan of the cosmic horror genre."—Nintendo World Report.

"As a fan of narrative driven adventure, horror and mythology – I managed to not find a single thing that I didn’t like about this game... In the age of modern triple-A blockbusters, I found this game to be a refreshing change. The story is well crafted, the characters intriguing and the source material respectfully portrayed in it’s own unique story. This game manages to throw a lot of ingredients into the mix that all serve their own purpose without overpowering each other and the end result is a (whilst technically flawed) engrossing story that takes you on a scenic rollercoaster ride through madness.... and the view is fantastic! This game goes to show that graphical prowess is no substitute for a well crafted story with heart."—GameHypeUK.

Call of Cthulhu the Official Video Game is also available on PC, PS4 and XBox-One - earlier reviews of the game for those platforms we like here, here, here, and here.

Call of Cthulhu the Official Video Game on the various game platforms