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The Stream of Chaos has played through Nameless Horror's 'An Amaranthine Desire': watch it all now

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 5th Dec 2023

Stream of Chaos playing Nameless Horrors 'An Amaranthine Desire'

Our Stream of Chaos team has finished playing "An Amaranthine Desire", one of the six scenarios in our 2023 Call of Cthulhu release Nameless Horrors 2nd Edition. Each scenario in this collection takes place in a different setting and time period—perfect for one-shot games, and for kicking off a new and unique campaign.

Watch the award-winning team of Keeper Jackson, and investigators James, Art, Dave, and Alex as they explore the doomed seaport of Dunwhich, England. It's 1895, and strange echoes of the past threaten the present....