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The Miskatonic University Coat of Arms Explained...

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 5th Oct 2018

MU Bachelor DegreeMiskatonic University has, throughout its long and storied history, used a variety of seals, crests, and coats of arms to denote itself as a premier institution of higher learning, scholarship, and erudition. Most have deployed certain common elements to highlight the university’s famous devotion to the pursuit of deep wisdom and arcane knowledge. The coat of arms depicted here originated in the early eighteenth century, and versions of it can be seen throughout Arkham on various university buildings and monuments. 

Graduating students will also note that the coat of arms features in the background of their testamur certificates.

This helpful chart explains the imagery on the coat of arms (open the chart in a new tab for a larger reading SIZ).

Please note: the Miskatonic University Staff Activity Numbers (SAN rating) of faculty members mentioned in this document are not intended to rank or rate their relative expertise or calibre as a teacher, but only to serve as an extra guide to students choosing advisors.