Miskatonic Monday - Eclectic Selections in the Miskatonic Repository

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 30th Mar 2020

There's an interesting selection of new titles in the Miskatonic Repository, check them out!

A Tableau of Red
Helen Yau ($4.95, 42 page PDF)

For the past few weeks, summer school artist Cesar Dominguez has been dreaming of a strange world. Walking through a landscape of vivid colours and patterns, his vision pulsates in time with discordant melodies and whispers. Strange moving shapes in the corner of his sight have been urging him to share his visions with others, so they too can join in the harrowing beauty.

A Tableau of Red takes place in Modern-Day Barcelona and is suitable for 4 experienced Investigators or 5-6 novice ones.

Operation Hope
Marco Carrer ($1.50, 18 page PDF)

It’s the year 2035, the world as we know is gone. The governments are a memory of the past, the law doesn’t apply anymore, and we live in a dog bite dog kind of society, where only the fittest can survive. The players task is simple: find the outpost where safety is supposed to be a certainty. It's not going to be easy but where there is a will there is a way.

The Malignity
Stephen E. Wall ($4.39, 37 page PDF)

In the dusty foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains an impressionable youth treads upon unhallowed ground in search of a buried fortune. Will your investigators be able to brave outlaws, rattlesnakes, distrustful backwoods folk, and alien horrors to save John Zalud from the terror he has awoken in the black depths of Moses Mountain? Or will all they know turn to ash in the belly of the Malignity?

The Malignity is a classic era Call of Cthulhu scenario set in rural California.

The Big Game Hunt
Danial Carrol ($3.99, 37 page PDF)

The Big-Game Hunt is a Pulp Cthulhu scenario set in the Victorian "gaslight" era. The players play as villains, rather than heroes, and are tasked by a retired big-game hunter to track down and hunt a legendary beast known as "The Six-legged Rhino". The adventure leads the villains from London, through Cairo, and into the very heart of the Sahara desert, with plenty of pulp adventure and danger along the way.


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