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Miskatonic Monday #90: 'Inversion' shows reality isn't what it used to be

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 25th Mar 2024


Leading with a new modern scenario by the creators of the Platinum best seller Viral, here's an amazingly diverse array of new releases on the Miskatonic Repository, Chaosium's platform for independent Call of Cthulhu creators at DriveThruRPG. With releases from the Dark Ages to the Modern Day, if you're a Call of Cthulhu fan, we encourage you to take a look - and if you like what you see, please leave a rating or even a review!

Inversion: A Modern Call of Cthulhu Scenario
Alex Guillotte, Bud Baird ($14.95, 213 page PDF and MP3 file)

As a top-tier patron of the popular YouTube channel Debunker Bunker, you have been invited to witness a unique event. The Debunkers have built a machine using plans they discovered on the Dark Web that, according to the attached information, is supposed to open a window to another dimension.

Join your fellow patrons for this history-making event that is sure to be a viral sensation, even if nothing happens! Like the Debunkers say, success is fine, but failing is fun. And this machine is probably going to fail spectacularly!

Besides, it can't really work... can it?

Another modern scenario by the creators of the Miskatonic Repository Platinum best seller Viral.

Miskatonic Repository

The Viscount Who Left Me
Z.V. Cretney ($5.95, 54 page PDF)

Bath, 1814: The height of the summer social season. The morning after the society wedding of the year the new Viscountess Huntley secretly summons the investigators to her honeymoon suite.

This team of meddlesome bridesmaids are charged with unravelling the mystery of the Viscountess' missing husband without the members of the ton finding out and causing a scandal that could sully many a reputation. Along the way investigators are plunged into a world of curses, folklore and forbidden romance. Will they retain their manners, or will their reputation and sanity be left in tatters as they uncover what really lies at the heart of the river Avon?

The Viscount Who Left Me makes use of the Regency Cthulhu sourcebook, with inspiration taken from Bridgerton and other period stories.

Monsieur Deloffre Has Gone Quite Mad!
Cameron Hays ($4.95, 28 page PDF)

It is Paris, France in the late summer of 1830. The country is about to be submerged in a short-but-violent revolution that deposes the Bourbon king Charles X and replaces him with his cousin Louis Philippe, Duke of Orleans. On the cusp of this historic event, wealthy gentleman Geoffrei Deloffre has gone stark raving mad, leaving his social circle to pick up the pieces of his mysterious fractured life.

For use with Regency Cthulhu.

Tiger in Human Skin
Agata Brig ($2.00, 20 page PDF)

Where Investigators uncover the mystery of a circus troupe and the atrocities it has committed, all in pursuit of acquiring a peculiar specimen for their freak show.

Miskatonic Repository

Cthulhu Adventure Template
Carl Terence Vandal ($4.00, 18 page PDF)

Template for use in the creation of adventures for sale on the Miskatonic Repository.

Templa Illuminatus
Peter Charron ($14.99, 112 pages)

The Keeper’s Guide to Temple Archetypes, Priesthoods and Shrines. Libraries are Illuminated. In many investigation settings libraries are cast in a passive role. They serve as scenery to set a mood or simply as a backdrop against which other action takes place. But libraries can vary dramatically depending on their type and are more than a place to keep books. They are centers of learning, statements of political power and repositories of new, ancient and terrible secrets. They can easily take center stage.

From the author of Anthenaeum Illuminatus.

Flash Cthulhu - Fair Porcine Prize
Michael Reid ($0.00, 8 page PDF)

Lydford, Southwest England, 954 AD. The harvest fair competition brings folk from all the neighbouring villages to show off and sell their prized vegetables, fruits, and livestock. Infrith, a good-natured by rather pitiable peasant, brought his favourite sow, Pigwynn, to compete for the Biggest Porcine prize. But only half an hour before the judgement is about to commence, Infrith causes a scene, crying out that his beloved Pigwynn is missing! Stolen! A black tragedy!

Ultra-short Cthulhu Dark Ages scenario with a focus on investigation, and a pig. Written by Michael Reid, author of the Gold best-selling Branches of Bone - A Cthulhu Dark Ages Viking Age Scenario, the Electrum best-selling A Chill in Abashiri - A 1920s Taisho-Era Japan Scenario,and the Silver best-selling supplement Memorable Major Wounds - Critical Tables and Expanded Injuries for Call of Cthulhu.

Miskatonic Repository

Flash Cthulhu - Café au Morte
Michael Reid ($0.99, 6 page PDF)

Boston, 1928. Some old friends are out for coffee when the tinkle of the bell announces an unexpected patron's entrance...

An ultra-short scenario where players are ripped from a common, peaceful coffee outing into a life-or-death situation that they need to race to get out of using their negotiation and problem solving skills, or failing that, a burst of intense violence.

The Mad Man's Auction
DragonPuppy ($4.99, 11 page PDF)

Investigators are called to the house of Mr. Bateman, an adjunct professor at Miskatonic University and renowned toymaker, who is hosting an auction. Amongst the many items on the auction list, they find that certain items go together: a strange machine designed by Leonardo Davinci, a gold Chinese dragon, and the rolls of music from a player piano. When assembled correctly, the machine whirrs into life and causes disturbances in the city of Arkham, Massachussetts, eventually summoning a demon beyone the investigators' gravest nightmares.

Set in 1920's Arkham, Massachussetts with references to Miskatonic University.

Starchild from Afar
Axel Karlsson ($3.50, 34 page PDF)

On the remote western shores of Sweden, an artist starts to paint books for children that include mystical symbols, causing an obsession that spreads not only on the island, but through the entire country. This all comes to a head when one of the children on the island disappear under unknown circumstances.

1920's scenario set in Sweden, set on the island of Härön.

Miskatonic Repository

Nightmares Beneath the Lonely Plateau
Thomas van den Brink ($6.48, 33 page PDF)

After two renowned mountaineers go missing on an expedition, their friend returns home clutching a small statue, having no recollection of any events from the past few days. Following his trail leads the investigators to an isolated cabin on top of an unnaturally flat plateau, where they find a spiral staircase leading deep into the mountain. Lurking within lies a creature older than mankind itself, dreaming of its release…

1920s scenario that offers a twist on the typical horror scenario, by challenging the players to think not only creatively, but also morally. This scenario subverts the investigators' expectations by presenting no conventional "monster" to defeat, only an encounter with a mind-bending and incomprehensible creature, whose fate is left in the hands of the investigators.

Operation Midnight Sun
Chicho Ocariz "Arkashka" (Pay-What-You-Want, Rec Price $3.99, 27 page PDF)

Hours after the nazi Operation Weserübung, intelligence points out that the Norwegian ports and Swedish iron may not be the last prizes the Führer wants in the north Atlantic. A very special group is secretly sent to find out everything about the next nazi operation and foul it if possible.

The squad will find themselves involved in a spy game, testing their wits, stealth, survival and combat skills in the far north before completing the investigation and making their discovery of some fabled material of the past. Weird War II scenario (it is recommended although not necessary to use Pulp Cthulhu optional rules).

American Ghoul
Peter Wilbur ($10.00, 47 page PDF)

A 1920s investigation has the four investigators looking into some strange happenings in the small town of Verde View. Can they discover the evil that resides in the town? Will they survive or perhaps attend their own funeral?

Miskatonic Repository

One for One -The Drop
Sean Liddle ($1.00, 6 page PDF)

Summer. You were unable to convince your parents to let you stay home by yourself so you have to spend another two weeks with them instead of your friends. But, as a birthday surprise, they have gifted you with your own small rowboat and gear to allow you to hunt for fossils under water, farther out from shore than nornal. After two days rough rainy weather, the skies have cleared, the water has calmed and finally you can escape. Its always interesting what is washed up on shore after a storm. But you wont be beachcombing. Its time to dive.

The Dollhouse and other Scenario Ideas
Sean Liddle ($2.99, 10 page PDF)

Another Trouble in Threes scenario pack. In the first scenario, The Dollhouse, a group of friends are having a quick weekend reunion get together in their hometown of Bushton Nova Scotia. Its getting late, drinks have been flowing and along with it, rumours of small people being seel jumping about on the rocks below the cliff face across the harbour. And lights? In the old Carswell house? Why not? Lets investigate!

The second and third scenarios are intended as quick one shot ideas you can use for single session play.

The Rookery
Sean Liddle ($1.00, 4 page PDF)

You are pulled into your bosses office at the end of the workday. His daughter, a beautiful young singer of local fame and her fiance have ended thier engagement and as a result she has fled to the sketchy bar to confront him and his NEW fiance! Scandal! A jazz club! Dark alleys by the dockyard!

Miskatonic Repository


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