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Miskatonic Monday #66: an eclectic collection of new independent Call of Cthulhu titles to kick off 2023!

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 16th Jan 2023

Rina H showing off her Miskatonic Rep title Saturday 13th

Last Friday was of course Friday 13th, so the following day the timing was perfect for Miskatonic Repository creator Rina Haenze:

"Pleased to announce that my award-winning debut scenario, the slasher flick homage Saturday the 14th, is now available for Print on Demand, in the same week as an actual Saturday the 14th occurs. Coincidence? I think not! Come investigate the aftermath of a slasher's attack on Camp Shady Pines, if you dare..."

Here are the newest releases in the Miskatonic Repository; an eclectic collection of independent Call of Cthulhu titles to kick off 2023!

Miskatonic Repository titles 1

My Uncle's Trunk - A Stolen Inheritance
Keith Applegarth ($5.99, 79 page PDF)

As William St. James' sole surviving heir, you have received an inheritance from your favorite Uncle: an old travel trunk full of memorabilia and a huge portrait of your uncle. Oh, and did I forget the trust? Can you get your stolen inheritance back?

Do Chatbots Dream of Eldritch Beasts?
Bum Lee ($2.99, 22 page PDF)

What happens when an algorithm is trained on data corrupted by cosmic evil? ALChat is a real-time data-mining generative AI with a malign intelligence. Just as a diffusion model destroys data to create images, ALChat murders the living to create new synthetic life. In this modern Call of Cthulhu scenario, the investigators must solve the mystery by navigating a rapidly shifting metaverse, investigating and weathering online flame wars, and delving through the shadows of the deep web. They will face AI-generated horrors and avatars of the dead brought back to life. Will they find the answers that they seek before their world is forever altered by machines learning from the Mythos?

Archives of Terror - horror and paranoia in 1990 Romania
Christopher Dimitrios ($4.50, 21 page PDF)

An exiled Romanian occultist returns home after the 1989 Revolution to untangle her complicated past, and possibly make things right. The Investigators join her into the legendary archives of the Communist Secret Police and search for secrets that might better be left undisturbed. They each harbor dark secrets, and they each hope for redemption of their sins. But in the shadows, an ancient power from the dawn of humanity waits, watches...

Miskatonic Repository titles 2

The Devil and the Drum
Craig Pay ($7.99, 40 page PDF)

Set in August 1946, in the southern English county of Devon, the investigators are National Trust volunteers asked to survey an old ruined abbey. Events unfold amidst an unnatural storm wreaking havoc across England.

Curio - A 2-Page 1920s Adventure
Adam Preset ($2.50, 2 page PDF)

The funeral takes place on a rainy summer afternoon in June 1925. You pay respects to Minerva Fortescue, obscure occultist and long-retired emerita of your secret society. She was privy to many mysteries, their nature passing with her as she left this life. But your Order asks you to take on an onerous and unenviable assignment: to sift through inventory from her long-shuttered antique shop. What trinkets and treasures and terrors will you find, and in whose hands are they best kept?

Maps for Curio - A 1920s Adventure
Adam Preset ($2.00, 6 JPGS)

Set of six maps suitable for virtual tabletop or printing. They cover one location, an antique shop used in Curio - A 2-Page 1920s Adventure. Gamemasters, use these maps for your adventure if you need a multi-level antique shop with many mysteries to discover!

Miskatonic Repository titles 3

Gaslight Gurglings
Laurence Tilley ($1.23, 30 page PDF)

A Mad Miscellany of facts and tips for running Call of Cthulhu 7th edition in an 1890's Cthulhu by Gaslight British setting.

Cthulhu Maps - Tatters of the King - Book 2 & 3 - Pack 2
Lovemaps ($24.90, 30 maps)

Maps pack for the Tatters of the King campaign, books 2 and 3. Part of series: ProloguePack 1 (Book 1). Also available in a Tatters of the King Bundle of 60 maps.

Bouts of Madness Deck
Aaron Sinner, Todd Walden (5.07, 55 cards PDF/$11.95, 55 cards)

A physical deck of 54 cards offering expanded bouts of madness for play with the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Also available as PDF print-and-play version of the deck. Includes a full color and a black-and-white, low ink file for home printing.

Bouts of madness cards

Also new titles in Chinese, French, and Korean!

Miskatonic Repository

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