Miskantonic Monday - July releases for the Miskatonic Repository

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 15th Jul 2019

Here's a great selection of new Call of Cthulhu community titles on DriveThruRPG! Congratulations to all the authors, especially first-time publishers in the Miskatonic Repository.

In 2018 the ENnie Awards introduced a new award Best Organized Play. Despite the name, looking at the nominations this year four out of five of them are actually community content creations in the DM's Guild, (the DnD equivalent of the Miskatonic Repository). So for next year's ENnies, we encourage Miskatonic Repository creators to submit their work for consideration. Submissions will open after Gen Con!

Miskatonic Repository Titles July B

Five Faces of Fear
Padraic Barrett, Patrick Delaney, Michelle Haward, Matthew Kennedy, Fergal Mac Carthaigh ($10.00, 162 page PDF)

Five Faces of Fear is a collection of five ready to play scenarios for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. Within these pages you will find a setting guide to Modern Ireland, as well as adventure, mystery and horror that will take you from modern day Cape Town to Victorian Liverpool, rural Ireland and even to the Peninsular War.

Night Times Frozen Pines
James Austin ($3.00, 17 page PDF)

It's November of 1928. The investigators have been called by an archeologist and historian living in Bangor, Maine. He wishes to see them about the site of an ancient battle between the United States Government and the Penobscot Native American tribe. Here, he says, they will unearth great artifacts - artifacts which can perhaps be shared between their venerable academic institutions.

오르골의 독창 (Music Box's Aria)
AYA ($2.00, 10 page PDF - in Korean and English)

It's a terrible day. You are so tired, so you buy an Music box on way to home. If you start music box when you go to bed, it sing so Beautiful melody.....hmm..... It's strange. Why the music isn't stop?

Deep, Once
Sean Smith ($6.27, 12 page PDF)

Hook: Evan Myland, an outspoken and celebrated academic, is giving his retirement lecture tour. The Q&A is the best bit. We’ve tickets to his British Museum appearance. Truth: Myland’s lecture is a distraction for cultists to steal a misattributed minor Mythos artefact that they intend to use to bolster a Deep One menhir.

The Unbearable Likeness
Simon Brake ($6.99, 34 page PDF)

Matt is tired of his kid brother following him around everywhere. Especially as he died three days ago...

A King is Borne
Matt Sexton ($3.95, 21 page PDF)

It's December, 2014, and a violent incident in at an Arkham art exhibition stuns the community. Digging into the cause of the crime, it's time to discover what dark secrets threaten this sleepy Massachusetts town.

Old Man Tompkins
Sean Liddle ($1.00, 6 page PDF)

A group of high school teenagers from the outskits of town are at the annual town Fourth of July fireworks. They run in to a local school chum who tells them about a mysterious old man who steals from the kids in the town, looks far younger than his years and instills fear into the hearts of those who look at him. He is heading away for the weekend. Maybe they should liberate some baseballs from the old coot's basement storage area! 

Austin Barth ($4.99, 17 page PDF)

A strange illness is sweeping the city. The "Dreaming Disease" is claiming more victims with every passing day. Doctors are at a loss, and no vector for transmission has been found. The investigators must use their wits to find the link between the victims and release them from their dreaming prisons!


Under The Miskatonic Repository community content license, Call of Cthulhu fans can make their own work for use with the game line available to the public, using guidelines, templates, and art provided by Chaosium.


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