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Journey to Jonstown 67: the 2023 Jonstown Compendium Catalogue is out now in print

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 21st Jan 2024

Out now in print: the Jonstown Compendium Catalogue (2023 edition)

Compiled by our community ambassador Nick Brooke, the catalogue details every community content release available from Chaosium’s DriveThruRPG store for RuneQuest and the world of Glorantha.

This collection is a testament to the strength and vitality of the Jonstown Compendium and a great credit to vibrant community of creators involved. And is perfect companion to the new edition of the Meints Index to Glorantha, and yours for just $11.95!

Jonstown Compendium Catalogue [2023]
Nick Brooke ($3.50, 205 page PDF, 6x9 inch paperback $11.95)

This 210 page full colour paper back features a wealth of analysis and information (inc. price per page of content, “where in the world?” maps, “what year/season is it?” for all published RQG adventures, quarterly/annual/all-time best-seller charts and many fascinating infographics). 

Nick says, "They’re getting bigger! 2021: 144 pages. 2022: 174 pages. 2023: 210 pages. New features at the back every year."