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Chaosium Unveiled: Rivers of London the Roleplaying Game

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 26th Apr 2023

Chaosium Unveiled reveals Rivers of London: the Roleplaying Game, based on Ben Aaronovitch's best-selling Urban Fantasy novels. Out now in full color hardback and special leatherette edition!

What the critics are saying about Rivers of London: the Roleplaying Game

  • A superb realization of a much-loved series, dripping with character while offering fast and streamlined mechanics. Another classic in the making, and deservedly so... Chaosium have been pushing out great game after great game for years now, and this is no exception. A delight." — Paul Mackintosh RPGNet.
  • "Rivers of London is in good hands... Gamers new to the system or new to RPGs will find a surprisingly clear and concise presentation of the rules in a step-by-step procedural format, complete with meaningful and relevant examples that are both easy to understand and easy to find."  — Runeslinger.
  • "A fantastic gateway into tabletop role-playing games… All in all, if this was your first ever role-playing game, you’re in good hands... If you’re a fan of the series of novels, this game is probably a must-have. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something that isn’t loaded with well-worn fantasy tropes, then this might be worth considering, especially for novice gamers." — British Fantasy Society.
  • “A superb adaptation" — Rolling Boxcars.