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Chaosium Board of Directors meets for the first time since Greg Stafford's passing

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 23rd Jun 2019

Last week Chaosium Inc held its first board meeting since Greg Stafford died in October 2018. Greg Stafford and Sandy Petersen returned to an active role at Chaosium ("The Return of the Great Old Ones") in early 2015, both serving on the company board. 

Greg's passing meant the chair of the board position has been vacant, which Rick Meints as president has fulfilled in the interim.

At our board meeting, we welcomed Jeff Richard as the new chair of the board of directors. Greg's wife Suzanne Stafford and Greg's daughter Alisha Hammer were welcomed as new board members, and Suzanne as the new vice chair. 

The Chaosium board of directors is comprised as follows:

Alisha Hammer
Rick Meints
Michael O'Brien
Jeff Richard (chair)
Neil Robinson
Suzanne Stafford (vice chair)

We thank Sandy Petersen for his service on the board, especially during the challenging period surrounding the change in Chaosium management. Sandy's wisdom and guidance at this difficult time helped pull the company through. Sandy remains a shareholder and creative consultant to the company, and highly valued friend and professional partner.

Chaosium vice president and board member Michael O'Brien said, "Each year before Gen Con we always had a face-to-face board meeting with Greg at Chaosium HQ in Ann Arbor. Sadly, this will be the first year that doesn't happen. But we are very fortunate to have Suzanne and Alisha joining us on the board. In what turned out to be his final years, as company founder Greg was delighted to see Chaosium returning to its creativity, artistry and craftsmanship of old. Suzanne and Alisha are as keen to honour, sustain and build on Greg's legacy as we are." #WeAreAllUs

Greg Chair of the Board