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Announcing the Jonstown Compendium: a community content resource for RuneQuest and Greg Stafford's World of Glorantha

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 3rd Dec 2019


Chaosium is pleased to launch the Jonstown Compendium, a new way for independent creators to publish and distribute their own original content set in Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha...

Welcome to the Jonstown Compendium!

Greg Stafford’s world of Glorantha is one of the most extensively developed and renowned fantasy settings of all time. A world of mythology, gods, and heroes, ready for you to discover and explore through the roleplaying games RuneQuest and HeroQuest Glorantha (Questworlds). The JONSTOWN COMPENDIUM is where you can find —and create —self-published material set in Glorantha. Creators can offer their work free of charge, set a price, or offer it as pay-what-you-want.

What can I find in the Jonstown Compendium?

You'll find original scenarios, background material, cults, mythology, stats for NPCs and monsters, and more, exploring the mythic universe of Glorantha. Read our Content Guidelines for what is and isn't allowed in the Jonstown Compendium.

How do I publish content for the Jonstown Compendium?

Your first step is to read the Jonstown Compendium Content Guidelines. Our creator resources include templates for you to use that meet our specifications for Compendium content.

After creating your content, go to your account page and look in the "My Content" section. You can use the "Add a new title" link after you agree to the Community Content Agreement.

Once content is published, it can be found with the rest of the Jonstown Compendium. You'll be able to check your sales history, view reviews, and check on book royalties using your Account page on DriveThruRPG. The My Money section of your Account page will allow you to withdraw royalties via PayPal.


Here are the five initial releases for the Jonstown Compendium by community creators - the first of many!

Initial Releases for Jonstown Compendium

Jon Webb ($3.95, 39 page PDF)

This 39-page volume contains information to run a campaign as solar worshippers set in Sun County in Prax. The characters play the role of Sun County militiamen based at the border hamlet of Sandheart. They are the law. The first half of the volume provides a description of Sandheart and its surrounds, six characters ready to play, spirit cults, important NPCs and further details on how to generate new player characters. The second half details an introductory scenario – No Country for Cold Men – pitting the militia against a group of violent lawbreakers. Volume 2 is in preparation.

Martin Helsden ($24.95, 382 page PDF)

The timeless appeal of the legends of the Hero Wars has resulted in an enduring interest in the period. Surviving texts, supplemented by archaeological evidence, are used here as the basis of this reconstruction of the combatants of the initial phases of that world-shattering conflict. Focused on Dragon Pass and the surrounding regions (Peloria, Pent, Prax and Maniria), this volume presents details of the warriors, soldiers and mercenaries of the opening periods of the Hero Wars, their arms and armor, their cultures, histories and organization, the terrain they traveled, the battlefields on which they fought, their fortifications, their magic, and their gods. Army Lists provide details of the regiments and other entities which fought in this epic conflict, supplemented by numerous illustrations of the participants.

Michael Paul O’Sullivan ($4.99, 22 page PDF)

Chasteberry Vale is deeply imbued with Fertility magic. It is sacred to the wild Leporid, where they engage in martial contests each Sea Season. It is home to Esrolian settlers, recent arrivals inspired by a divine prophecy to protect the valley’s magical trees. A dispute over access to the land has grown violent escalating tensions between to the two groups. The disappearance of young lad from a neighbouring village threatens the involvement the wider community and destabilise the region. Can a peaceful settlement be reached? Is violence the only option? Set in the Beast Valley, This Fertile Ground is a short adventure that explores the conflict between the Beast and Man Runes. It is aimed at newly generated adventurers or those with limited experience. Optional plot hooks are provided to facilitate introducing the scenario to your group. 

Ernesto María Orellana & Xavier Llobet ($4.00, 36 page PDF)

Play a Gloranthan duck in this fun and action-packed one-shot scenario! Yozarian's bandit ducks are a ragtag band of robbers wandering a harsh world that is even harsher for the small but proud Durulz. Now they may have the chance to either get rich or be the heroes of the story. What path will your players choose? Or will perhaps their passions choose for them? Run the scenario to your friends and find out! The PDF includes a scenario for one session of play, two maps ready to print, 5 pregenerated player characters ready to play, fully statted non-player characters and seeds for further adventures. As a sequel to the original "The Money Tree" scenario, "Yozarian's Bandit Ducks!" is also a good choice for beginning gamemasters and players.

Austin Conrad ($5.00, 26 page PDF)

Winter Descends on Dragon Pass! When the child Rolf goes missing after a blizzard, his parents Rastolf and Serla grow frantic. They come to the village of Apple Lane begging for help from any who will listen. They come seeking any who will brave the wind and snow of winter to find a little boy. They come seeking adventurers. The search will lead adventurers to a mysterious cave, known to locals as the Throat of Winter for the howling winds which blow forth. Inside, they face a terror from before the Dawn—Krampus. In this Gloranthan take on Scandinavian myth, the adventurers will find their bravery and Loyalty tested as they decide how best to protect Apple Lane from the demon’s predation. This site-based adventure is intended to provide one to three sessions of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha play for four to six beginning to intermediate adventurers. While it is integrated into the Colymar campaign provided in Chaosium’s Gamemaster Screen Pack, this adventure is designed for use in any Dragon Pass campaign.