Call of Cthulhu RPG comes to the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 17th Dec 2019

Call of Cthulhu has officially arrived at the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop, beginning with the Keeper Rulebook.Roll20 Features: Full compendium with all book assets, including rules pages for presenting the mythos, combat chases, and Investigator creation.Over 30 NPCs and monsters, rollable tables, … read more

Play 'The Lightless Beacon' on Roll20

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 16th Oct 2019

We recently shared the exciting news that Call of Cthulhu is coming to VirtualTabletop Roll20. You can now try out Call of Cthulhu for Roll20 with the free one-shot demo scenario The Lightless Beacon (one of the #weareallus scenarios we released on October 10 in honor of Greg Stafford … read more

The stars are soon to align on Roll20...

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 7th Oct 2019

The stars will soon align! : Call of Cthulhu is officially coming to Roll20, the on line virtual tabletop for pen and paper RPGs. To mark the announcement, Roll20 have created their own version of The Lightless Beacon for Call of Cthulhu, one of the five FREE scenarios we're releasing … read more