Chaosium is coming to Gen Con

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 19th Jul 2016

Gen Con is two weeks away! Chaosium will have a full team in attendance, including Greg, Sandy, Rick, Jeff, Neil, MOB, Mike & Todd, plus a veritable chaos horde of volunteer Keepers, GMs and booth supporters. Come see us at Booth #423!

Seminars and Events

Gaming Sessions by Chaosium

Chaosium has added yet more gaming events to the schedule!

  • 76 sessions of "The Cthulhu 500 - Rapid Insanity" which is The Dead Boarder, our 2 hour Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition convention scenario. Running on the hour 10AM - Midnight from Thursday to noon Sunday.
  • four sessions of The Derelict, Chaosium's offering for this year's Free RPG Day, including one special session with Mike Mason (co-author of the new edition of Call of Cthulhu) in the chair as Keeper.
  • two sessions of "Ears of the Bull", one of the first opportunities to try out the eagerly-anticipated new edition of RUNEQUEST, currently in development by Chaosium.

We thank the GMs who have stepped up to help run these sessions!

Stuff for Sale at the Booth (#423)

Here's a list of the stuff we're planning to have available for purchase at Gen Con. Come by Chaosium Booth #423 early, because if the recent UK Games Expo is any guide, we're sure to sell out of just about everything by the close of the convention!

RuneQuest Classic Edition:
- RuneQuest 2 Classic Hardcover
- RuneQuest 2 Bundle
- RuneQuest 2 Leatherette (limited copies)
- RuneQuest 2 Leatherette Bundle (limited copies)
- RuneQuest 2 Old School RQ Pack

- HeroQuest Glorantha

Chaosium Fiction:
- King of Sartar by Greg Stafford
- Edge of Sundown
- Mark of the Beast
- Legacy of the Reanimator
- Cassilda's Song (nominated for two 2016 World Fantasy Awards)

Call of Cthulhu:
- Keeper Rulebook Hardcover
- Keeper Rulebook Leather
- Keepers Rulebook Softcover
- Investigator Handbook Hardcover
- Investigator Handbook Leather
- Investigator Handbook Softcover
- Call of Cthulhu Leatherette Slipcase Set (limited copies)
- Call of Cthulhu Paperback Slipcase Set (limited copies)
- Keeper Screen (limited copies)
- Peterson Guide - Hardcover
- Petersen Guide - Softcover
- Horror on the Orient Express
- Nameless Horrors
- Cold Harvest
- Ripples From Carcosa
- Dice Set