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13th Age in Glorantha update: Surprising Darkness Horses (demons, actually)

Posted by Michael O'Brien on 23rd May 2017

We let our 13th Age in Glorantha backers know they were going to receive something extra: these guys didn't show up for the playtest packet, but Dragon Pass' most dangerous mercenaries will be in the final version of Chapter 5: Enemies.

Over to 13th Age in Glorantha co-designer Rob Heinsoo to explain...

Yes, about to hit you at full charge, it's the Black Horse Troop! It's a good thing your storm voice ally got off a shot with a lightning bolt, but too bad for you that the lightning just took out the rider. It's the black horse demons who are the real threat.

This may come as a surprise, because we didn't quite reach the stretch goal that would have added Sir Ethilrist and the full Black Horse Troop to this book. The truth is that failure-to-stretch turned out to be a good thing, because as the design progressed it became clear that a true Hero like Sir Ethilrist himself is out of 13G's current scope.

But a version of the Black Horse Troop? A scouting party? A squad? 13G can handle that in style. One of our high level backers wanted to see the Black Horse Troop and he gave generously to make it happen despite the goal remaining just beyond full stretch. So I've worked out what I think of as the first of two or three ways the Black Horse Troop can be used in 13G games and Aaron McConnell supplied this wonderful new art: