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7th Sea is Chaosium Inc’s swashbuckling adventure RPG set in a fantastic and magical version of Europe called “Théah.” Players take the roles of musketeers, pirates, nobles and spies during a turbulent age of international espionage, exploration and danger. The game system allows players to take multiple actions at a time with certain success, emulating the fast-paced and dynamic adventures you find in your favorite action movie. Full of dashing, daring Heroes and cruel, cunning Villains, along with sorcery and magic, 7th Sea is unlike any roleplaying game you’ve played before.

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The Grand Design front cover

The Grand Design - Part 1 - The Caliberi Letters

The first of a series of four adventures that can be played as separate one-shots or linked together as part of a 7th Sea campaign. Check out all four here.

Temple of the Red Goddess front cover

Temple of the Red Goddess

This is an adventure of exploration, discovery and horror. This adventure has all the standard 7th Sea trappings but adds a bit of darkness along the edges. It is a story about what happens when humanity tries making deals with dark powers. Be warned: the further you explore, the darker the edges become.

Character Sheets

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Play Online with a 7th Sea Backdrop
7th Sea Background - Nighttime Row
7th Sea Background - Sailing at Sunset
7th Sea Background - The Key
7th Sea Background - Thaeh

Click on the above images to download a backdrop you can use as a virtual background when playing online with others.

Want a Taste of Adventure?
7th Sea Quickstart front cover

Be sure to check out the 7th Sea Quickstart in our Free Stuff area! It contains the basis rules overview, a starting adventure and pre-generated characters sheets you can use to start experiencing the fun of 7th Sea roleplaying in minutes.

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