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7th Sea Adventure - Temple of the Red Goddess - PDF

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Temple of the Red Goddess is a adventure of exploration, discovery and horror. While trapped on an ATC prison island, the Heroes learn of a hidden temple full of treasure. Years later, after their escape, they set sail to find the pirate who told them of the island, only to find he’s turned into a horrific madman. Still, the treasure! Finding his map and log, they chart their way to the island only to find it inhabited by insane ATC officers and soldiers. Finally, they discover the Temple of the Red Goddess and the treasure they seek. But is the treasure worth the price it demands?

This adventure has all the standard 7th Sea trappings but adds a bit of darkness along the edges. It is a story about what happens when humanity tries making deals with dark powers. Be warned: the further you explore, the darker the edges become.

This is a horror story. A heroic horror story, but horror nonetheless.

Temple of the Red Goddess includes:

  • A complete action-horror adventure,
  • A handout map, and
  • Horror GMing advice

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