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7th Sea: Land of 1,000 Nations - PDF

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The New World Is Ancient

7th Sea: Land of 1,000 Nations covers The Woven Land—the distant continent, and its many peoples, beliefs, magics, cultures, and nations.

Celebrating Worshippers

What's Inside?

Adventure, folklore, and whole new reasons for heroism beckon from the Woven Lands—avast!

Map of the Woven Land

The Woven Lands Revealed

People from the 1,000 Nations attacking a ship

Extensive exploration of the histories, customs, social structures, and spirituality of the various cultures of the Woven Lands. From coast-to-coast, this distant continent is covered with culture and people as diverse as the many nations of Theah.

Two warriors fighting a gator

Folklore, Myth, and Magic

Warriors clambering onto a ship

A rich digest of folklore and mythology showcasing the depth of culture of the peoples of the distant continent. Throughout the book is a collection of beautiful artwork depicting the peoples of the Woven Lands, created by a diverse group of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color artists

A three-headed creature coming out of a tree

Mechanics and GM Resources

A female member of the first nations

A suite of highly detailed non-player characters and story seeds to spark your very own new tales of high adventure. The book also includes new Backgrounds, Advantages, and Fighting Styles applicable for 7th Sea characters hailing from the Woven Land.

Battle between two nations

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Rule Set:
7th Sea - 2nd Edition
Year Released:
Full Color PDF
Page Count:
Derek Pounds, John Wick, David Larkins, Zach Gourley, Brett Zeiler, Peter Woodworth
Tate Allen, Jillian Dolan, Maciej Janik, Joemel Requezai
Graphic Design and Layout:
Thomas Deeny, Nicholas Nacario