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7th Sea Adventure - Welcome to Five Sails! - PDF

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Welcome to Five Sails is a short introductory adventure for playing in the city of Five Sails. It brings your players into the city, introduces them to some of its local color and flavor, then puts something they care about in immediate danger. You can play Welcome to Five Sails with up to 4-5 players, although I suggest no more than that. Your players should take only one or two sessions to complete the adventure. It includes:

  • A fast-paced adventure in Théah's most interesting city
  • Scads of NPCs to meet
  • Player handouts
  • GM advice

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John Wick Presents
Rule Set:
2nd Edition 7th Sea
Full Color PDF
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John Wick
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    Hit and Miss

    Posted by Don Price on 21st Jun 2021

    If you are expecting a High Seas adventure, this adventure misses the mark. That doesn't mean it is a bad adventure, but did not meet any expectation. Some mechanics could use some elaboration, as they are not included in the main 7th Sea book. NPC statistics are minimal and require referring to source material. Occasional spelling errors are also present.