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7th Sea Adventure - Ring around the Rosey - PDF

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The Sidhe are a ubiquitous presence throughout Avalon, living through stories and weaving Glamour wherever they are found. Everything is part of a story. While the Sidhe are powerful they are, generally, not actively malevolent – provided they are treated with respect. Avalonians know this and behave accordingly. Sometimes this is not enough. In the small village of Tanaford the inhabitants live in fear of a being that has become known as Ashes. Whispers of this Sidhe’s powers and deeds have spread to neighboring communities, becoming woven into the tales told around the evenings fire, but no one from the village itself gives a straight answer. They give no comment on friends or family who are missing or the burned shells of family homes; meanwhile, their harvest looks set
to be the most bountiful for years, and their livestock has not been affected by the recent murrain which has plagued the neighboring villages. Rumors abound as to what is it they are hiding; it is almost as though they are protecting something ... or someone.

Ring Around the Rosey is an adventure set in Avalon, the Land of Heroes.

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John Wick Presents
Rule Set:
2nd Edition 7th Sea
Full Color PDF
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Elaine Rettie