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Wyrms Footnotes #1 - PDF

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Wyrms Footnotes is Back!

We have lovingly recreated the classic Chaosium in-house magazine and brought it into the digital age! These are not simple scans, but OCRed reproductions created by our layout team to match the original. Published from 1976 to 1982 the 14 issues span most of the early history of the company. Want to relive the original experience? — look no further! While some issues contain a page or two about other Chaosium games, the core focus and most of the page count relates to Gloranthan lore and RuneQuest related information. Also of note is the "What's Next" section of forthcoming projects in each issue, which detailed Chaosium's product pipeline, including a number of never published projects that died somewhere along the way.

Wyrms Footnotes #1

The inaugural issue defined the magazine's format and articles. This first issue focused on rules clarifications and optional rules for White Bear & Red Moon. If you read it closely, you can pull out many Gloranthan Secrets, many not canonical, but they give you insight into the creation and discovery of Glorantha.

Running from Hungry Jack

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1976, 2020 re-release
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William Church
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    A cool window into the past of gaming and Glorantha

    Posted by Nicholas Bielik on 12th Oct 2021

    Great to see these original zines that Greg Stafford and the Chaosium crew created back at the dawn of the hobby. Inspiring and enlightening stuff. Plus lots of cool tidbits about Glorantha!