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The Great Pendragon Campaign - The Uther Expansion - PDF

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This never-before-seen, five-year expansion to the award-winning The Great Pendragon Campaign provides the option for starting a campaign in Year 480, the fateful year that Uther inherits the crown and forges the kingdom that will one day be the birthright of his son, King Arthur. Information for years 480-484 are presented in the same format as The Great Pendragon Campaign itself. The new book also includes a “Changes to the 1st Edition” introduction so that the expansion neatly fits into the Great Pendragon Campaign.

Please note that this expansion is included in Book of Uther, so there is no need to purchase The Great Pendragon Campaign: King Uther Expansion if you already have Book of Uther.

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Nocturnal Media
5th Edition Pendragon
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Greg Stafford, Robert Schroeder, Bryan Pravel
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Michael Phillippi
Jeff Holt