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The Boy King - 1st Edition - PDF

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Arthur Claims the Throne of Britain

Adventure with young Arthur in his quest to claim the kingship of Britain. Battle enemy lords, defend the realm against savage invaders, and clear the land of awesome monsters. Find glory in the dozens of adventures provided.

The Boy King provides everything needed to run a campaign from before Arthur pulls the sword from the stone to the establishment of his empire. 

CHARACTER GENERATION details character creation for the time before Arthur's reign. 

BRITAIN BEFORE ARTHUR presents a chronology of events important to the realm. 

BEFORE ARTHUR and THE SAUVAGE FOREST provide oportunities to integrate player knights into the ongoing events of Britain.

The BOY KING CHRONOLOGY details the glorious battles and dozens of potential adventures to help Arthur gain his kingship, providing interaction with the great figure of legend. 

THE ADVENTURE OF THE CASTLE OF JOY provides a long narrative scenario wherein player-knights are tested for their worthiness to help defend the castle of the Holy Grail. 

CITIES describes the nature of Medieval cities, and provides maps and details for both London and Camelot. 

LATER CHRONOLOGY outlines other events of the campaign, including Lancelot and Guenever's affair, the Grail Quest, and the death of Arthur — a complete 80-Year campaign.

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What The Critics Say

  • "A nearly perfect toolbox for any Pendragon referee, giving him everything needed to run a 80-year campaign, spanning the time between the time of Uther to the death of Arthur."

    — Grognardia, My Top 9 non-D&D Adventures of All Time.

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