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Terror From the Skies PDF

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A Race to Save Humanity from a Dark Future

THE LOVECRAFTIAN MYTHOS is populated by many creatures, both singular entities such as Cthulhu and Hastur, and creatures who number in the millions. The shan are an ancient, insect-like alien race fleeing a destroyed homeworld. Forced into a nomadic life they are scattered throughout space. Aeons ago a number of shan arrived on Earth, but certain properties in our sun’s light weakens them. Trapped, these first arrivals fell into idleness and decadence, acting only by seeping into the sleeping minds of human beings. 

In Terror From the Skies, bretheren of those first shan have come to Earth, vigorous and agressive, not yet weakened by our sunlight. Their insidious plan threatens the elimination of the human “infestation” and the founding of a new shan homeworld.

Scenarios in the Terror from the Skies campaign:

  • A Whitby Vampire
  • The North York Moors
  • Durham Cathedral
  • Cardington
  • Newcastle
  • Aftermath
  • The List
  • Heliowall
  • The Graf Zeppelin
  • The Last Leg

This ten-chapter campaign intertwines historic events with mythos themes, creating an interesting and captivating experience for keepers and players alike.

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6th Edition Call of Cthulhu
Year Published:
Black and White PDF
Page Count:
Colin Hart
Cover Artist:
Kenneth Solis
Interior Artists:
Pedro de Castro Araújo, Marco Morte
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    Tough to GM - Linear plot

    Posted by Rick Smith on 1st Apr 2023

    This features a little used mythos monster, a well conceived story, and a mystery during a mighty round the world dirigible trip. There is a lot to like here. But there are serious problems. The adventures are very linear, and the GM with have to do some serious railroading to get things back on track when the players inevitably miss a clue. There is a ticking clock timeline, but with many tough fights, the players will fall dangerously behind when they stop to heal. Too many vital clues are too easy to miss. Finally some skills are used a LOT, (looking at you psychology), and many are not used at all. There are a lot of deadly dangerous fights. This might work better as a Pulp Cthulhu adventure. This scope and effort in this campaign really impresses me, but a GM should expect a bunch of effort to make this campaign come off as well as he or she hopes. Warm regards, Rick.