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Stream - The White Bull Campaign

The White Bull Campaign
The White Bull Campaign

The Hero Wars have come to the World of Glorantha and the players are in the heart of it. Join our adventurers as they work to ensure that Argrath White Bull is able to tear down the Red Moon.

Follow our heroes as they begin in Prax, visit Sartar, and deeper into Dragon Pass.

The White Bull Campaign is the Chaosium house campaign for RuneQuest.


Enkala Troublemaker
Enkala Troublemaker

A High Llama rider, Enkala Troublemaker, is a Praxian Shaman and Storm Bull Initiate. She looks after the White Bull Shrine we set up in Pavis.

Played by Linda Marieth Borgen

Garan Grimseeming
Garan Grimseeming

Garan Grimseeming is a Humakti Bodyguard from Sartar, now sword to the service of Nisk and Argrath. Wielding an Iron Sword, he bringing the final ending death from the God of Death.

Played by Richard August @RichAugust1

Gina Ghostdancer
Gina Ghostdancer

Gina Ghostdancer is a Ty Kora Tek worshipper from far-off Esrola. She is not impressed with the cruel and dirty land of Pavis, taking a little solace from the care of her hair-dresser, Orgarl.

Played by Claudia Loroff

Kulbrast One-Armed
Kulbrast One-Arm

A Wolf Pirate, Kulbrast One-Arm, lost his arm protecting Prince Argrath from Assassins. He has begun following Issaries.

Played by Philip Glass


An Orlanth Adventurous Sartarite raised in Pavis, Nisk followed Argrath onto the Cradle and down into Magasta's Pool. He served as a Wolf Pirate before returning with Argrath for the assault on Pavis. For the group's efforts, Nisk was appointed as one of Argrath's Thanes.

Played by Neil Robinson @OrlanthiFool

Jeff Richard
Game Master - Jeff Richard

Jeff Richard is Vice President and Creative Director for Chaosium. He is the lead author of the Guide to Glorantha, HeroQuest Glorantha, and, of course, RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, as well as numerous other supplements and articles. Jeff has been the creative director and editor-in-chief of all things Glorantha since 2008.

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