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Organized Play

Chaosium Cult of Chaos Gamemaster Program

Embrace the Chaos and Join Us in the Cult of Chaos!

The Cult of Chaos is Chaosium's official Gamemaster program for Game Masters and Keepers running demonstration games and games at events.

If you are a store or convention seeking GMs to run Chaosium games, or require further information please contact

Members run games at local game shops, events, conventions, or online to introduce new players to awesome Chaosium games including Call of CthulhuRuneQuest, Pendragon, and 7th Sea.

Our Gamemasters should be knowledgable with current editions of our rules, settings and games that they play, and to be able to answer basic questions about Chaosium games. The Cult of Chaos spreads fun and good will throughout our growing community!

The Perks

While Cult of Chaos members should be, above all, motivated by the desire to have fun rather than material rewards, we'll reward you with $5.00 in store credit at for running a public event (in a game store, at a convention, online etc). 


Please Join Us!