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Nameless Horrors - 2nd Edition - Leatherette

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Six Scenarios Against The Unknown! Exclusive banner


The denizens of Nameless Horrors are unlike anything you’ve encountered before. Each is truly of the Cthulhu Mythos, but they come from realms unknown, and will keep even the most seasoned investigators on their toes.

What's Inside

Chaosium Unveiled: Inside Nameless Horrors - 2nd Edition

Watch the unveiling video to see the book for yourself. Remember that you get the PDF when getting the physical copy.

Nameless Horrors contains six scenarios for Call of Cthulhu, each taking place in a different setting and time period—perfect for one-shot games, and for kicking off a new and unique campaign.


The Scenarios

Each scenario in Nameless Horrors contains NPC portraits, maps, and player handouts. These are also available to download for free at the bottom of this page.

An Amaranthine Desire

An Amaranthine Desire

1895: In the doomed seaport of Dunwhich, England, strange echoes of the past threaten the present.

A Message of Art

A Message of Art

1892: In Paris, France, art and the occult come together in a dangerous fusion.

And Some Fell on Stoney Ground

And Some Fell on Stoney Ground

1920s: Small-town America. Trouble is brewing that could sweep everyone up in a wave of death and destruction.

Bleak Prospect

Bleak Prospect

1932: Massachusetts during the Great Depression, residents of a shantytown face strange horrors that jeopardize all they hold dear.

The Moonchild

The Moonchild

2020s: In England, an experiment with the occult casts long shadows and brings unforeseen consequences.

The Space Between

The Space Between

2020s: Los Angeles, California. The star of a film produced by a popular religious organization has vanished.

An Updated Edition

Originally published in softcover nearly 10 years ago, this updated edition of Nameless Horrors contains brand new art, player handouts, and maps for each of its 6 scenarios.

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NPC Portraits
Keeper Maps and Handouts
Player Maps and Handouts
Investigator Pack

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What The Critics Say

  • “A shoulder-launched missile, not in the sense that it’s deadly (although it is), but more in its capacity to blow your players minds... Chaosium usually put out good products, but Nameless Horrors is a standout, from start to finish."

    — Stygian Muse, Nameless Horrors. Exclusive banner

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Year Released:
Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
Full Color Leatherette
Page Count:
Paul Fricker, Matt Sanderson, Scott Dorward
Cover Artist:
Lin Hsiang
Interior Artists:
Caleb Cleveland, Irene Cano, Celyn Davies, Emanuele Desiati, Nicholas Grey, Pat Loboyko, Lee Simpson
Matt Ryan
Adam Szelążek