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 Three Scenarios for Call of Cthulhu

Fear forms where shadows begin. The Cthulhu Mythos hovers at the edges of reason and sanity. With their courage and intelligence, investigators can dare the unknown and the unknowable, and roll back a little of the darkness.

Three new mysteries lure the investigators into the penumbra of the Mythos. Each adventure is sanity- and life-threatening, but also includes much evidence-gathering and serves to promote discussion and generous teamwork. The scenarios are apt for new investigators. Each can be played through in an evening or two.

Devil’s Hole begins with the disappearance of an old friend in Scotland. Subsequent investigation uncovers dreadful secrets about his ancestry, and his terrible fate.

In the Shadows of Death takes place in what was once the plantation country of Louisiana. Visiting a friend at his newly-inherited mansion sets the stage for a series of haunting encounters, culminating in the monstrous legacy of a blasphemous experiment.

Song of the Spheres takes place in New England, where the elderly father of a respected colleague has been inexplicably stricken mad. The investigators discover that a slighted musician and his act of supernatural revenge have far greater implications.

The many illustrations and maps, and their more than forty handouts make these adventures unusually accessible and easy to present.

Includes the adventures Devil's Hole, In the Shadows of Death, and Song of the Spheres by Gary Sumpter. Originally published in 1995.

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5th Edition Call of Cthulhu, best with the current version
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Gary Sumpter
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Eric Vogt
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Dave Carson, Earl Geier, Drashi Khendup