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Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses - PDF

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Within the earth is life. Within the earth is death.

Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses is the player’s guide to the earth pantheon of Glorantha!

This book covers the mythology of the Earth pantheon of gods, and provides mechanics for each of their cults to create your RuneQuest adventurer.

What’s Inside?

Chaosium Unveiled: Inside Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses

Watch the unveiling video to see the book for yourself. Remember that you get the PDF when getting the physical copy.

The Goddesses of the Earth

Asrelia - The Grandmother Goddess

Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses features 16 cults, including Uleria Goddess of Love, Ty Kora Tek Goddess of the Dead, Donandar God of Music, Asrelia Goddess of Wealth and Fortune, Maran Gor the Earthquake Goddess, and more.

The book also includes cults especially suitable for non-human adventurers such as Aldrya, the Ancestress of the Elves, and Mostal, the Maker of the Dwarves!

Three Grain Goddesses

Build Your Earth Priestess

Ernalda the Earth Goddess

New rules to use these cults in character creation in RuneQuest, detailing the skills, passions, spirit magic, and Rune magic these cults offer. You’ll also find new cult-specific skills and even some Rune magic! Embody the power of your god with rules for how your adventurer can grow into a God-talker, Rune Priestess, or even a mighty Rune Lord.

Maran Gor - The angry earth

The Lore of the Earth


The book details the unique organization, history, and nature of each of its 16 cults. It also covers the storied history of the Earth pantheon—mythology of blooming life, death, and transformation.


Note: This supplement can be used with the RuneQuest core rules, or combined with the other books in the Cults of RuneQuest line to build a RuneQuest adventurer belonging to multiple cults.

What The Critics Say

  • “A powerful follow up to The Lightbringers. While the first book is a splendid onramp to the wonders of the various Cults for new players and GMs, The Earth Goddesses is where you really get the sense that the writers decided to really showcase the grandeur and depth of the fictional mythology at the heart of the game.”t

    — Philgamer, Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses Review.

  • “As a new-ish GM to RuneQuest, I was worried that I would never be able to "get" the setting. This series of books is making sure I will, and that I fall in love doing so.”

    — Jay Anyong, Twitter.

  • "These are not simply splat books meant to give player characters kewl new powers and endless buffs (the trap so many other games fall into). There are skills and spells in here, but this is a series primarily about world building."

    — Andrew Logan Montgomery, The Cults of RuneQuest Part Three: The Earth Goddesses.

  • “5/5 – The Earth Goddesses is a rock-solid release (pun intended), which lays the foundation for more mythic adventures exploring the Earth religion in Glorantha… a valuable addition to your shelf, and heartily recommended.”

    — AKHELAS, REVIEW: The Earth Goddesses .

  • "In this day and age, RuneQuest‘s best bet is in emphasising the distinct and unique flavour of Glorantha and these books do a wonderful job with it... Though much of the material here was developed before his death by Greg Stafford, the job of finishing the project has fallen to Jeff Richard, who has made it a labour of love, along with a wealth of collaborators, including artists who’ve made some of the nicest and most flavourful-looking art I’ve ever seen in a RuneQuest book."

    — Refereeing & Reflection, a RuneQuest Encyclopedia.

  • The new 'Cults of RuneQuest' Lightbringers and the Earth Goddesses books come HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, says EuroCultAV: "Glorantha is probably the most fully realized RPG world ever created, and these books help actualize that realization in new ways. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

    — EuroCultAV, Tabletop Review – Runequest – Cults of Runequest – The Lightbringers/Earth Goddesses.

  • "This book is a *must* for running RuneQuest campaigns in the Dragon Pass area and adjacent lands."

    — El Runeblogger, Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses review.

  • “What Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard, and the team at Chaosium are doing with these books is nothing short of brilliant, and The Prosopaedia and Mythology, have to come highly recommended, not just the depth they add to Glorantha, but for sheer readability and entertainment value.”

    — EurocultAV, tabletop review cults of runequest mythology.

  • "Extremely useful... one of the other draws is just how beautiful it is. The art in the book is stunning and it is some of my favourite art I have seen in tabletop roleplaying game full stop."

    — The Gaming Table., Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses review.

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Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard
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Loïc Muzy
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Loïc Muzy, Agathe Pitié, Katrin Dirim, Antonia Doncheva
Francesca Bearald, Matt Ryan
Simeon Cogswell
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    The Earth Goddesses

    Posted by Tim on 16th Sep 2023

    Both a great reference and a beautiful creation.