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Book of Records Vol II - Battles - PDF

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This, the long-awaited second volume in the Book of Records series, features three Battle Records — one each for the Gamemaster, Leader, and Player-knights — for use with Book of Battle, 2nd Edition, a supplement for King Arthur Pendragon. The sheets help clarify the battle rules and speed play through auto-calculating fields that determine the correct Unit and Army Intensities for each round as well as Glory awards for each player. Best of all, the record of your heroics can be preserved for posterity by simply saving a copy of the battle record to your computer!

The Book of Records, Vol. II: Battles includes designer’s notes and annotated versions of the record sheets. The sheets works for all Phases of The Great Pendragon Campaign and are provided in both full-color and printer-friendly black and white versions. The battle records require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and have been tested on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. They are recommended for use with laptops and desktop computers. Using the sheets in third-party PDF readers or on mobile devices may render unexpected results.


• Tab through fields to fill out your records quickly and easily

• Auto-calculate Army an Unit Intensities, based on the ebb and flow of battle

• Auto-calculate Glory rewards

• Record “checks” for critical successes in battle

• Save your data, preserving the details of the battle for all time 

A third volume in the Book of Records series is planned, to help Player-knights run their manors and estates.

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