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Book of Feasts - PDF

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A Feast Fit for a King

The smell of roasting meat fills the hall. Gossips whisper. Amours exchange furtive glances. A fight nearly breaks out. But then, with a fanfare of trumpets, the lord and lady enter—the feast is about to begin!

The Book of Feasts and the companion Feast Deck bring a a new format (in the form of a mini-game) that elevates feasts to the same level as tournaments and battles, as befits the biggest social events of the year!

Feasts are important and vital social events in the lives of any knight, on par with tournaments. Like tourneys, the feast is a vehicle for driving interactions, schemes, rivalries, and alliances between Player-knights and Gamemaster characters. With the rules presented in this book and the companion Feast Deck, you can make banquets guaranteed to produce interesting plot twists and lasting memories of social triumphs and failures, no matter the period from Uther to the twilight of Arthur.

What the Critics Say

"Book of Feasts allows game masters to no longer hand wave feasts but instead allows them to be a vibrant and integral part of the narrative... This is one supplement that will become a staple in my future King Arthur Pendragon games." — Rolling Boxcars.

"One of my favorite parts of the Pendragon line." — Dan Wells (YouTube review)

"A lot of fun." — Dan Harms.

Example Feast Deck Cards

Feasts Card Example 1Feasts Card Example 2Feasts Card Example 3Feasts Card Example 4


What do you get?

Digital (Multiple File Formats) - When you purchase the digital option, you get the 46 page Book of Feasts in PDF and you get the 154 card Feasts card deck in three formats: 1. PDF for home print-and-play, 2. PNG of each card face the card back for quality virtual table top play 3. JPG of each card face and card back at a smaller file size for virtual table top play where file size is a constraint. The virtual tabletop card images are perfect for platforms like Roll20.

You can also grab the form-fillable PDF version of the Feast Record for free.

Want it Printed?

If you want the printed version, you can purchase it on DriveThruRPG by clicking here.

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